A touch of luxury from the creators of Interior Design by S&S!

About S&S Studios

S&S Studios is the Luxury “Home Apparel” line developed by the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Interior Design by S&S. The opening collection consist of 24 different pillow styles. The colors in this collection were curated to have a mix of strong neutrals alongside pillows that have bold color pigments for pairing. These pillows are meant to be a mix & match line. The intent is for the consumers to have fun mixing solids and patterns. These pillows work well in both the bedroom and lounge like settings. These luxury pillows also work great as stand alone accents on an accent chair that may just need a pop.

Pillows are the most interchangeable item in a room which is why Sharon & Sherica wanted to launch the home apparel line with pillows first. Some fabric types included in the line are faux fur blends, velvets, and luxury faux leathers! This is a very unisex line appealing to a very wide clientele, from that edgy cool look all the way to an elegant appeal. This line really had the consumer in mind when it was created.

“We created this line to allow those that may not have the budget or time for a full interior design overhaul to still have the luxury of indulging in a little piece of S&S” -Sharon & Sherica